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Re: There's a big difference between ...

You want the unwanted kids - means you also need to want to pay for their care for their first 18+ years of their life.    Are Republicans ready to commit to that also?   Never have been in the past.   I’m sure nothing has changed their, in the Republican thought process.


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Re: There's a big difference between ...

Any society that willingly kills it's young will not long survive.

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Re: There's a big difference between ...

@rickgthf wrote:

   Believe it or not there's big difference between trump saying, "Chyna, Chyna, Chyna did it" and Biden wanting a full accounting of the origin of  Sars2.

    Trump was trying to blame China for his own abject failure to protect Americans from the Pandemic.  Remember him saying, " it's just a little flu", " it'll disappear all by itself".  We need a proper accounting for the origin of the virus in order to prepare for next time.  

  Now trump is claiming China owes us $10 trillion, if that's the case how much do we owe the world for the 1918 flu that originated in Kansas?

* tasked the intel community with it.  Assigning it to the professionally dishonest.  Those tasked with keeping secrets.  Thats all you need to know.

No one would think China is responsible for a completely natural occuring virus especially if they were honest and up front about it.  but thats not what we're talking about.  your attempt to bring the 1918 flu into it is just your dishonest attempt to divert.