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Taken to the woodshed

a good scolding.


Dear Self-Proclaimed "Progressive": I love you, man, but it has become necessary to intervene in your self-destruction. Your ideological blinders and apologies for the Establishment's Neocon-Neoliberal Empire are not just destroying your credibility, they're destroying the nation and everywhere the Empire intervenes.
While you squandered your political capital defending zero-cost causes like "safe spaces on college campuses," the Empire was busy killing, maiming and making refugees of women and children in Syria. President Obama and his Neocon crew (former Secretary Hillary Clinton included) aren't fools; they rely on drones and proxy armies to do their dirty work........................................
You were silent when your "progressive" president engaged in a global Murder, Inc., and your former secretary of state bragged "we came, we saw, he died."Your  sputtering excuses for Imperial over-reach, extra-judicial murder and the destruction and displacement of entire populations is a travesty of a mockery of a sham of real Progressivism.
Wake up, Self-Proclaimed "Progressives": you're apologists for an Evil Empire.Your devotion to the Democratic Establishment that has mastered the art of bleating politically correct speech acts while destroying entire nations renders you the classic useful idiots, on par with those who defended Stalinism and the Soviet Gulag because "it was the right thing to do."................
If you want to become a real Progressive, it has to cost you. You will have to abandon the Establishment you belong to, the party you support and the cheap veneer of self-congratulatory fake-progressivism you project.....................
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Re: Taken to the woodshed

Arguably all true.


But I'm not aware of a single concrete policy with the intent of reversing any of that, or of materially improving the lot of Trump's White Working Class supporters.


Other than Political Correctness, since it is now OK to make fun of handicapped people.

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Re: Taken to the woodshed

"But I'm not aware of a single concrete policy with the intent of reversing any of that, or of materially improving the lot of Trump's White Working Class supporters."


You're not aware of any policy that would improve the lot of the white working class?  Is that what you meant?

Veteran Advisor

is there something more to the story?

is all the hoopla about Trump waving his hands several months ago, an action that he apologized for

the very next day if it was construed the wrong way, or is there something I missed?


Please filll me in and enlighten me as you seem to have an inordinate interest in this....much more

so than Obama dropping 30,000 bombs on human beings.


Seems a little whacked out to me.....did you actually stop taking your prosac like someone else

queried you about?