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Senior Contributor

Talk about myths.

Right, because black people have it so good now.  They are the most unemployed.  They have an illigitamcy rate of 73% and an incarcerataion rate higher than any other segment of society.  Young black men are most likely to die from murder.


Now let's look at homosexuals.  Whoopee, they get to have a faux marriage and they have a epidemic disease called AIDs.  Coming out of the closet has achived nothing of value to society nor has it improved the condition of homosexuals.


Meanwhile the Democrats blindly ignore the destruction of America as South Americans invade our country and bring with them their politics which are rife with corruption, though that seems as though the Democrats have already embrassed the concept.  I doubt even they are ready for the end of the republic and replacing it with a dictatorship and constant war within the country.


As to Christians, growing up I recall dealing with people that weren't Christian and never gave it a thought.  The Jews in Chicago seemed to be doing just fine.  And the odd atheist filling the ranks of the communists and professorships did okay.  If anybody has or had trouble because of their religion or lack of it, it was brought about by their attacks on those who they hated and of who they were jealous.  The get the Christian attitude by athiests, homosexuals, and their cohorts, followers of Islam has brought more focus on these groups.


America was a better place for everybody when blacks were actually getting an education and were living with parents.  America was a better place when English was the only language and we didn't have splinter groups such as LaRaza trying to "take back the country."  We were a better country when kids got married and then had kids rather than believing marriage was a joke and the government would take care of any kids they spewed out while in a short term "relationship."


You people are welcoming millions of illegal, illiterate, immoral and highly possible terrorist individuals into the country at the expense of the American taxpayer and for the dubious profit of the Democratic party to obtain voters.





If you were :







Good Riddens to that heavily  skewed  era !!!!!!

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gough whitlam
Senior Contributor

Re: Talk about myths.

where did you plagairise that from?

Senior Contributor

Re: Talk about myths.

Now let's look at homosexuals. That's creepy.


Whoopee, they get to have a faux marriage Equal in eyes of the law, nothing else matters.

and they have a epidemic disease called AIDs. lol, not as much as you would  like to think, the biggest demographic inflicted are the straight breeders.

Coming out of the closet has achived nothing of value to society nor has it improved the condition of homosexuals. Tell that to the thousands of adopted children whose parents now have rights ( in certain states, so far ) If you have no idea what AMERICA is about you should be escorted out.


Shouldn't waste my time on filth like this but someone needs to shine light on the dirty cockroaches......


WE are being invaded by South Americans ?  lol Brazillians ? Aztecs , Mayyans ??


God, your stupid........


Re: Talk about myths.

Brother Wehav, it is a joyous thing that God has placed you among his elect.


As such it is your calling to go forth to sinful, ignorant masses and preach the word. Seizxe the example of the brothers Wesley who saved England and The Crown by bringing a message that offered not only eternal life but a better life in the here and now through application of protestant social and economic principles.


Someday, after you have sold all your earthly posessions and taken the proceeds to support your ministyry in Detroit, the Lord will greet you with "well done, good and faithful servant."

Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: Talk about myths.

If you believe that progress is becoming self sufficient, educated, and part of a nuclear family, the worst thing that ever happened to people of color was the elevation of LBJ to the position of POTUS, and his subsequent "war on poverty".


Rivaled only by the liberal "war on women" in terms of destruction.


Not really even a debateable subject from my view.

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

The rooster, the hen and the liberal.

If one was stranded on a island with plenty of fruit and vegetables, but no protein and you could only bring 2 things.  A survivor would choose to take "a rooster and a hen" they would have a egg a day and occausionally a "chicken dinner" and it would be sustainable forever. 


However, a liberal would eat the hen the first day and eat the rooster the second day and start to slowly starve there after as there would be no "Koch brothers" to bring them eggs every day. 


Why liberals fail to grasp this basic instinct of survival is beyond me.

Senior Contributor

Re: The rooster, the hen and the liberal.


 Umm no, The " conservative "  in his greed and hunger would eat the Roo and the hen in the first meal, claim they drowned in a global warming flood  and DEMAND a subsidy payable immediatly.

Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: The rooster, the hen and the liberal.

Good a nutshell, any society can survive just fine without the liberals, as the workers will pull the cart just fine.


However, no society will exist very long with a liberal class only, or predominantly.


Smart liberals get this, and try not to overwhelm the system with clones of themselves...they know they need more than the 7-11's  and agland of Boris's Utopia. And Boris might want to spend a few days in South Africa and report back on how the agland is producing there.