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Michael Lewis with Bannon


and at the White House. Curious story where Bannon says that he became radicalized when his Dad was ruined by listening to Jim Cramer and dumping his stocks at the low in 2009. 


A lot of our present radicalism dates back to then, for sure. But that particular story doesn't make any sense to me in terms of who's to blame other than Cramer and his Dad- personal responsibility and all.


Bannon says that Trump was the perfect tool because of his gift for channeling peoples' anger. Although jumping in bed with the Tea Party leaders who did more than anyone to create the crisis, then went into a direct mail fundraising scam, doesn't really seem to address it.

bruce MN

Obama....of course

Why wouldn’t Steve’s Dad sell his stocks when he could see that the losers had just elected a socialist alien?


Logical as heck...and even though it didn’t do what he was sure it would, it still did.


What remains eerily absent is the lack of anybody from the Pete Peterson-Paul Ryan camp having the stones to openly credit the massive post ‘08 recovery to the GOP Congress.”We just don’t talk about it”.


Yeah...anger over personal choices has to be directed at somebody.  Organize or draw in the pizzeria off while those who survived are predictably complacent.  And, now, use massive deficits and debt increases to hopefully keep enough of them remaining so.



Jim V1
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Re: Obama....of course

  Are you starting to worry that you are going

 to lose your free Obama  phone?

Senior Advisor

Re: Tax bill at “work”

I foresee a massive blue wave brought on by the promise of a huge tax increase.

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Re: Tax bill at “work”

Crumbs I tell you, nothing but crumbs...


Re: Obama....of course

The boys at the coffee shop used to have to keep crib sheets for the clever ripostes that settled everything.


Now they know them by heart.