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Re: Re:Is it not a medical procedure? NT

Only to you, killing is just a medical procedure. 

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Re: Let me try again

@schnurrbart wrote:
I think you could apply that logic to everything health insurance covers. I broke my face. Surgery cost $15K. I paid my deductible and insurance paid the rest. Should I have included the thousands that insurance paid as income when I deducted my medical expense on my tax return?

No. Just wait 30-40 years and the IRS can hold it out of your kids tax refund check.

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Re: Let me try again

The reason most insurance is not taxable, is because it does not 'give' you things, it 'makes you whole' again.

Contraceptives do not 'make you whole', they are something given to you, hence my question.


I doubt it is income, because it falls in the 'benefits' part of your wages & benefits.


Which brings me to a follow up question, if your health 'benefits' are considered overly generous, why are they going to be 'taxed' under the Obamacare law?

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Re: Let me try again

As usual, BRILLIANT!






Brilliantly, STUPID!




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Re: facts are hard to debate-but thanks for agreeing

always good to see a demonrat run up the white flag