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Tea Party is finished,

having prostrated themselves before Lord Trump on the debt ceiling deal. The last of the GOP to pretend to have some principles.

Doesn't mean they won't be out in full force tomorrow to try to make a mockery of the constitutional process in the Mueller hearings.

They haven't gotten the memo. Unlikely that enough of the constituents in their gerrymandered districts have either.



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Re: Tea Party is finished,

You are playing checkers. 


We are playing three-dimensional chess.  ♟ 

Senior Contributor

Re: Tea Party is finished,

Yep,  GOP is all in with spending infinite amounts.  It'll work till it doesn't.

Honored Advisor

Re: Tea Party is finished,

Congratulations socialists! You`ve reach critical mass, parasites have now become one with the host!  To kill the parasite could prove fatal to the host, even if a voter isn`t a direct recipient of the government goodies, they may be employed in the agency that doles out the money.   As evidence, look what happens in a small government shut down, the media reports and reports and reports about "trash piling up in parks because of laid off park rangers"  and a running tally in the media is reporting  on "how much this shut down is costing us".  

No, the guy at the Rotary Club gets a standing ovation about eliminating 5 government agencies and cutting the rest 10% across the board....but, commercials of him pushing a grandmother over a cliff in a wheelchair and starving kids doesn`t get him elected or re elected if he once slips past the goalie.

Ain`t much stopin` this train


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