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You speak the truth

I have basically argued several times about the falsified statement on the existence of death panels or not and have proven on more then one occasion that there is zero basis in truth to this right wing propaganda. This is where Craig's Nazi diatribe comes in: If you tell a lie often enough, people will believe it.


The only provision in the bill involves end of life counseling for families who have terminally ill loved ones or counseling for the family of a loved one that the family agree should not be kept alive because there is no hope or future - such as a person being kept alive on a respirator when they are brain dead (as an example). The doctor and family make the decision. There is no provision in the bill whatsoever for a deciding panel. If there is any type of panel, it would be the insurance company who would refuse to pay and they have nothing to do with the government, are not government workers and have had that power in the past, have it now and will have it in the future. The bill allows for counseling for hospice situations for the family and that is it.


When my father was dying of congestive heart failure and Alsheimers it would have been nice to be able to speak with someone about this matter, what the circumstances are and how to prepare for the eventuality of what to do when Dad died. We all knew he did not want to be brought back because he had told us this long before when he was healthy. He said he did not want to be kept alive by a machine, so our decision when the hospital called, said he had died and asked if we wanted him resuscitated was not all that difficult for us. Many families do not have this path so clearly laid out for them. The conservatives in their hatred for all things Obama and general lack of understanding or sympathy for all others fail to see that what is tagged by idiots as "death panels" is actually counseling for this very situation. This is not free and insurance is required under the bill to cover it.


No one will ever post contrary information about the bill. What they will do is post granny scenarios and try and claim that the Government makes a decision, when in fact they don't. My advice is that if you want Granny's hip replaced at 90, you had better buy insurance that will cover it because unless the government steps in and makes regulations to force the insurance companies to do it, it will all be up to the details of the coverage YOU choose.