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Tell me Bruce

  What's  happened with the Evangelical Lutherans since they presented their mild mannered letter to congress .  Did the rank and file receive any information about this and what reactions on the local front ? 


  As expected, the usual batchit nuts have put on their best batshet fit. -- "The Jewish Telegraphic Agency adds to the story by reporting on an alarming threat from the JCPA. Ethan Felson, the vice president of the JCPA, told the news agency that “JCPA is considering as a response asking Congress to investigate delegitimizers of Israel and to issue a resolution against their efforts.” Felson also suggested that “American Jewish groups could retaliate by advocating against U.S. aid to the Palestinians.”


  Yah, that's right threatning to beat up the Palestinians unless they get their way.  Real classy thugs !


 However Jewish Voice for Peace Rabbinical Council sent a signed letter of support for the Christian letter.  I expect a new crime of 'delegitimizing' to be created.

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Re: Tell me Bruce

Not going to reach many of the various signee denominations here john.  I'm quite certain that this forum is a hangout heavily weighted to members of the WELS, the LCMS and the CRC,.


Nothing local, but it's rather new news. I'll ask the pastor when I see her.