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Senior Contributor

Terrifying depths of your dear leaders ignorance

Article in Macleans.


It’s been two years since a reality-television mogul, billionaire real estate grifter and sleazy beauty-pageant impresario who somehow ended up on the Republican ticket in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, failed to win the popular vote but fluked his way into the White House anyhow by means of an antique back-door anomaly peculiar to the American political system known as the Electoral College.

We’re now at the half-way mark of Donald Trump’s term in the White House, and the relentless hum of his casual imbecilities, obscenities, banalities and outright fabrications has become so routine to the world’s daily dread that it is now just background noise in the ever-louder bedlam of America’s dystopian, freak-show political culture.

And yet, now and again, just when you think the president has scraped his fingers raw in the muck at the bottom of stupidity’s deep barrel, the man somehow manages to out-beclown himself. Such was the case this week, in a ramble of fatuous illiteracy that should drive home the point, to all of us, that the Office of the President of the United States of America is currently occupied by a genuinely dangerous maniac.

At a press briefing at the end of a cabinet meeting on Wednesday, Trump sat at a long table with a huge faux Game of Thrones television-series poster, featuring an image of himself taking up the whole thing, splayed out on the table in front of him.

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Senior Contributor

Re: Terrifying depths of your dear leaders ignorance

His days are numbered now, and his feathers have been trimmed by the House. From here on out he will be challenged, and the democracy will be saved! What has made America what it is was a government of checks and balances, and they have finally been restored!

Senior Contributor

Re: Terrifying depths of your dear leaders ignorance

Keep on parroting the garbage, say it enough times and you might convince someone it's true....oh, YOU AREN'T THE NEWS MEDIA!   lol