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Senior Advisor

Re: Texas Hold 'em

A Teabagger is one homosexual who dips his testicles into the mouth of another homosexual.


The 94 election was won by the repubs because of their conservative message and hillary care. They passed a balanced budget. Paul Ryans budget has added one trillion dollars to the debt in the six months since Barack Obama signed it into law. That is what I call spectacular.

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Texas Hold 'em

Of course the Democrats have gotten far far more leftist, I shouldn`t even have to stoop to arguing that with you.  Here is just a tiny example, when Obama ran in 2008 he had to lie and say that "marriage is between 1 man and 1 woman" ...that is what it took in 2008 to get the people to vote for a president. 


Well, Obama first sent Biden out with the homosexual marriage trial balloon and Biden wasn`t tarred & he went into his sweat lodge or whatever and emerged after 3 days with the epiphany that now he was in favor of homosexual marriage.


Obama lied about that many times and that was to fool the doofuses to support him cira the democrat party is so damned corrupt, they don`t have to pretend anymore.

Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: Texas Hold 'em

Pretty hard to convince a doofus of anything...otherwise

he wouldn't still be a doofus.


I wonder how much high grade drugs were available in

Germany during the Vietnam era...that country must have

been loosey goosey with drug laws.


A neighbor spent a tour in Germany instead of Vietnam,

and also came back adled and got on disability SS a long

time ago, when his only disability was drugs and drinking.


To his credit, our Marlboro man walked for his govt check

and probably got some of the first class mail in the right


Veteran Advisor

Re: Texas Hold 'em

What a filthy dude you are.  You have a special attraction to homosexual lifestyle don't you!!

Veteran Advisor

Re: Texas Hold 'em

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA You guys are a real scream.  Doubt you have a full brain between the two of you. Don't do drugs now nor then other than alcohol.  Is that all you got?  I'll put my public service up against you two any time.  I am very sure I would look great up against the two of you.  But in the end--Es ist mir egal!  (Get the hayseed to translate for you)