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Senior Contributor

Re: NEWS FLASH!!!!!!

black thugs beat us 88 year old vet to death so with your outlook no blacks no murders --is this correct ????? please dont run

Re: Thank You.

If you used that same "logic" on birth control, you would prevent unexpected pregnancies by cutting off every "pecker" (gun) in the world.
gough whitlam
Senior Contributor

Re: Thank You.

The fact remains he was a law abiding citizen who did not carry a gun because he came from Australia. There is no escaping it when I say if there were no guns, he would not have got shot.  It is senseless to justify the killing of him by other means because they wanted to kill him.  It is that same limp **bleep** mentality which has got the US into the disgusting state of gun culture. Suggesting they would have killed him by other means is a ridiculous statment.  They use guns because you do not have to get up close and personal. That shows just how much guts the black basturd had.