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Veteran Advisor

Thank you donald

For finally comming to the table.

His speech he is making at the moment, is frankly
One of his better one....he is out line things,
Which he needed to do.

I don't think the question is border security...the question is how.

I can support some of the things concern,
The cost.....

Opps....he needs to shut up right now....he
Is starting to drift....opps his nose is
Now growing.....he was doing so good.

Today, he acted like president.
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Senior Contributor

Re: Thank you donald

Elcheapo, you should have used the word, "nearly" acted like a president?? LOL!!

Senior Contributor

Re: Thank you donald

Was just listening to a recording of his speech, did not listen to all of it yet,

What I did notice is he now claims he never called for a wall all the way on the border and I think he also talked of other security measures rather than a wall.


Seems like he got an education during your government shutdown because that is what I understood the point of those not wanting to fund a wall was there are other means to monitor the border that work well and are more cost effective including more people which would be needed to monitor any wall and keep it repaired anyway.