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Milligan Hay - Iowa d:^)
Veteran Advisor

That Red Tide Cometh

Here is that electoral map, from that Left of Center group, Electoral-Vote dot com.



The dark "blue" states have begun to pale to light blue, and former "blue" states have become "red".

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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: That Red Tide Cometh

More people are waking up to the emperor (Obama) has no clothes.  Florida will go Republican, because Ryan has the only plan out there that will save Medicare, if you`re over 55 no change.  Us youngsters under 55 will get a choice.  Obama was the only president in the history of the United States that has ever cut Medicare, to the tune of $716 billion!!!  That needs brought up every chance we get.  The electoral map...The Redder the Better!!  Smiley Happy

Senior Advisor

Re: That Red Tide Cometh

Those under 55 will get a choice! And what choice might that be?