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That Stuart Stevens piece

those Never Trump Republicans who are aghast that the GQP has "abandoned its principles."

As a former fairly centrist Republican, once upon a time, I can tell you. A large portion of people don't have any. They have fears, emotions, financial yearnings and insecurities and various prejudices and religion based conceptions. But as far as principles go, whatever of what Fat Billy referred to as "grammar school civics" got launched their way somewhere down the line, it landed on barren soil.

That generation of GQP strategist know that better than anyone- they worked it for 40 years.

They're just mad that somebody came in and took it full bore.

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Esteemed Advisor

Re: That Stuart Stevens piece

Although many can be encouraged to dress up in wigs and breeches like a Founder, Cabela's gear to commemorate when they stormed the beaches, rapturous cheering at a DoD sponsored patriotic pageant.