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BA Deere
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Well, you`re a cruel basterd AgJudge.

I`ve never put a ring in a hog`s nose ..ever.   I know what they are, Dad had a box of `em in the pumphouse from the farm`s previous owner in the 40`s.  I raise hogs on soil, but then again I fed quality feed and the hogs don`t have a need to root, other than dig out the occasional earthworm. 


Here`s a tip on burning tires and not getting busted by the `Do Nothing Right`, wait until there`s a snowstorm or a windy rainstorm ...and then burn to beat hell.  the conservation cops don`t go out in inclimate weather, no nosey priicks driving by and the wind disperses the black smoke.  you can bury the tire wires in a load of junk to take in and *beep* the bleeping law, if the damned fools didn`t want us burning tires, they won`t soak us $10-$35 to get rid of `em.   If they took `em free, they`d get all that I got.  I`d go broke if I followed every damned stupid law.

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Re: Well, you`re a cruel basterd AgJudge.


I was 12  !! And my Brother was twice my age and then some !!!!