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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: Why not compare Chicago to Chicago

CANUCK, just take a week off, get an Amtrak pass and hang out in some of the inner city places in America without any protection. Maybe get a sticker and wear it that says "I am opposed to self defense and guns", too.  If you have gray hair and no muscles, this should espeically work. Downtown Honolulu would be an excellent place to start your journey...then you could be buried in Hawaii or have your ashes spread there.





Senior Contributor

Re: Why not compare Chicago to Chicago

So you think a gun is necessary?

Why not just stay away from places like that.

I am sure you will find places like that in any urban area in the world but what is the difference is where there ar more guns more people die from guns.

Where there are fewer guns and good contols on guns you might get beaten instead of shot.


BTW more people survive a beating than survive being shot I bet.

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Re: Why not compare Chicago to Chicago

@Canuck_2 wrote:

r3020 wrote:

They are much tougher on crime. Once arrested they can be questioned for days without a lawyer and there is no trial by jury. Plus they have some of the most stringent immigration laws in the world. They keep the undesirable out. Our gun deaths are misleading. It includes those who kill in self defense. So when the young lady killed the intruder who broke into her home armed with a knife it goes into the gun death category when if she was unarmed it would go into the knife death category.

Shaking my head.

So many excuses all to try to hide the fact that more guns beget more gun deaths.


So Japan is harder on crime and yet the USA has one of the highest % prison populations in the world.


Why do you not see a correlation between lots of guns and lots of crime when you can see a correlation between crime and immigration?

You are trying to cherry pick your stats while ignoring those that go against your preconceived ideas.

Canuck, the difference is cultural. The major problem in the US is that lack of fathers in their children's life. They are never taught self respect.

Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: Why not compare Chicago to Chicago

So now you have shifted to agreeing with us by acknowledging that certain places (cultures) are inherently more dangerous than others. are not stupid like some of your brethren that never see the light on issues.