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Re: Even Salon writer gets it

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Re: Even Salon writer gets it




Red Steele
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Got deleted

Guess I used the wrong S word.


Here's the post again:


The USA had a contract with the Shah of Iran. The Shah got deposed during

the Iranian longer a contract in place, and the USA spent 

much more than $400 million on military operations in that cesspool.


Why on earth would you throw good money back into something like that?


And how would any idiot think that paying $100 million, plus interest, for 

each American hostage would not encourage future hostage situations?


Back on the lack of a contract...after the British lost the American revolution, 

do you think they paid the revolutionaries any money? You think George

Washington paid the bills of the British soldiers? 


this whole deals smells. Let the kool aid drinkers try to spin it all they can...

its a deal low intellect voters can understand.

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Re: Got deleted

Only one president has paid a ransom for hostages and it isn't Obama.  You really need to read this.