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Senior Advisor

The Amateur Hour and the most dangerous place on earth

that being the nuclear armed Indian subcontinent.

Now I know that all that went before is Deep State foolishness and "things couldn't get any worse" but the US has done a decent job for 70 years in staying in the middle between India and Pakistan.

The Trump Admin has tipped decidedly toward India and the Modi government appears to feel empowered to make a move on Kashmir.

One lesson would be about the danger of religious ethno-states. 

Back a decade or more ago in the last period of heightened tensions between the two there was a little spasm of the old Tom Friedman World is Flat post Cold War Triumphalism because when GE started evacuating its data operations in Bangalore, India backed down quickly.

Not sure the world is the same today.

I guess on the bright side, grain prices would go up a lot if the Punjab plain got irradiated. I guess unless a proportional number of consumers of grain were killed.

Whether this is "it" or not (and I certainly hope not", Trump's luck in not blowing something up really big time as he acts as a chaos agent will run out someday.