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The Avidnazi`s hail mary

That son of a buck with his bald head looks like a psychopath.   



The woman has been identity by name and by photograph. Her name is Julie Swetnick, and Avenatti announced all of this on The View this morning. Two sound bites. Here is Co-Host Sunny Hostin asking (stammers), “Did — did — did Kavanaugh do anything to this particular woman, Julie Swetnick, or is she alleging she just had seen him be aggressive with other women?”



AVENATTI: The allegation[s], if you read further in the declaration, are far more specific relating Brett Kavanaugh’s conduct towards women in general, including the attempts to drug women by placing grain alcohol and/or drugs in, basically, the punch at these parties. Many of these women ended up gang raped, unfortunately. The details in this declaration are specific. They are shocking. But above all else, they are true, and my client stands behind them 100%. And she’s looking forward to having an opportunity to meet with one or more FBI agents, hopefully, and describe what happened. And she’s also prepared to testify, if she’s permitted to do so, to the U.S. Senate. But under no circumstances should Brett Kavanaugh be confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court until these allegations and others are fully vetted and all of the facts and the truth are known.

RUSH: The next question is from Abby Huntsman, co-hostess on The View. “Can you just explain…?” Avenatti, [c]an you just explain again to our viewers and to all of us, since this is just breaking, what specifically did Judge Kavanaugh do to your client?”

AVENATTI: I’m gonna stand on the exact language in the declaration. It’s laid out in detail in the declaration. There’s a reason why it’s laid out in the declaration, and we’re not gonna provide any additional comment on that exact question until further — until the coming days.

RUSH: So in this allegation yet again, this particular woman, Julie Swetnick, is not accusing Kavanaugh of doing anything to her! She is interpreting the minds of other women at a high school party. What does “became aware” he spiked drinks even mean? It means she didn’t witness it. She “became aware”? It means somebody told her. When did somebody tell her? Monday? Last week?



You’ve heard the story going around now that there are affidavits from four people, one of whom is the husband of Blasey Ford. You’ve heard that there are four affidavits “corroborating her story.” No, they don’t corroborate he.... They corroborate that she told them the story. They don’t corroborate. There is no corroboration! This would be akin, ladies and gentlemen, to me coming on this program today and saying that I overheard Barack Obama admit that he ordered the FBI to spy on Trump. I can’t remember when or where.

Now you can corroborate it for me. I’ve just told somebody. I’ve just told you that I overheard Obama admit he ordered the FBI to spy on Trump, and you can corroborate that. Because you heard me say it. But you can’t corroborate that Obama told the FBI to spy on Trump, and this is the trick that is being played here. What we’re learning, if there was ever any doubt, is this third accuser coming forth today on the eve of Blasey Ford supposedly testifying tomorrow, there is no lower limit.

There is nothing too ludicrous, there’s nothing too disgusting, there’s nothing too putrid, there’s nothing too perverted that the Democrats will not do to try to smear a person they want to destroy simply because they cannot stand somebody other than one of theirs being on the United States Supreme Court. We shouldn’t be surprised. Hillary Clinton claims that Trump hired prostitutes to urinate on hotel bed that the Obamas supposedly slept on.

And we’ve got an FBI warrant, a FISA warrant to spy on Trump based on that allegation in the dossier. This has gotten so crazy. Do you remember when it was first looking like Christine Blasey Ford was going to show up and testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee? What did the left say? The left said, “You can’t have a bunch of Republican old white guys question her! You can’t have that. That — that would be horrible. We’re not gonna allow it.

“We’re not gonna allow old, white senators to question her.” So Senator Grassley heard that, got the message, and went out and hired a female prosecutor who specializes in these kinds of sexual abuse cases and she’s going to come in and she’s going to ask the questions tomorrow. The Democrats say, “You can’t do that! You can’t bring somebody that has nothing to do with the committee in to ask these questions. Senators ought to be asking the questions!” Well, wait, wait, wait.

You just said senators should not be and then Grassley goes out and gets a woman who specializes in this from New Mexico, Arizona, wherever to come in and do it. Now you say she shouldn’t do it, that senators should. It’s in that back-and-forth that the term “vagina ghetto” appears in a New York Times story. The New York Times! We’re not talking here about supermarket tabloids. We’re talking about New York Times, and it’s a lawyer or some person specializing in the abuse of women who has coined the term.

So here are details. I have a Bloomberg version of the story about Wall Street Journal and others. A new accuser against Brett Kavanaugh said the Supreme Court nominee took part,” took part, “in efforts during high school to get girls intoxicated so that a group of boys could have sex with them. ‘I have a firm recollection of seeing boys lined up outside rooms at many of these parties waiting for their “turn” with a girl inside the room,’ Washington resident Julie Swetnick said in a sworn affidavit released by [the porn star] attorney Michael Avenatti.

“‘These boys [that she remembers seeing lined up outside] included Mark Judge and Brett Kavanaugh,’ she added.” Avenatti released “a picture of my client Julie Swetnick. She is courageous, brave and honest. We ask that her privacy and that of her family be respected.”
After Avenatti plasters her photo all over the place! “Swetnick said she was a victim of one of those incidents in the early 1980s and that Kavanaugh and Judge had been present, though she did not say whether they had sex with her.

“In other instances, she said in the affidavit, Kavanaugh and Judge made efforts to cause girls ‘to become inebriated and disoriented so they could then be “gang raped” in a side room or bedroom by a “train” of numerous boys.’ The allegation comes one day before Kavanaugh is set to testify at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing along with another accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, who says…” Does anybody still think that this thing is gonna happen tomorrow?

You know, I’m getting close to revising something, folks. The audio sound bite roster today… Cookie gave me a warning. She said, “I know you don’t like it when the show becomes about you. But of course, Rush, everything is always about you.” She’s got sound bite after sound bite after sound bite of Sky News, the BBC, Swahili News. All over the world, they’re playing that sound bite of me (chuckling) claiming the Republicans will lose everything if they don’t confirm Kavanaugh. They’re playing it all over the place.

She’s given me a lot of new examples of it. You’ve heard the bite. I mention it. You probably heard me state it originally. With this latest revelation… You know, I don’t use the word “scum” very often at all. Back in my early formative broadcasting days, I got great advice from people who cared about my future and career and there were various things — advice things — I was told. “Don’t say things you don’t believe just to get a rise out of people. Don’t ever do that. Don’t just be outrageous for the sake of it.”

They said, “By the way, you don’t have to try to be outrageous. You come by it naturally. So don’t try. Just don’t make things up that you don’t believe, and be very careful of the guttural words, descriptive words that you use to describe people,” and “scum” was one of the words. “Be very careful how you throw that word around. It’s just four letters but it hits people in a very, very bad way. Just don’t let that ever become part of your vocabulary,” and it hasn’t.

But I don’t know how else to describe what this is. This is just the scum, the literal scum of the American left that is rising to their surface. And there isn’t a single guilty conscience anywhere in the Democrat Party today that we know of or anywhere on the left for any of this that is being done. We have Senate confirmation hearing that is being looked at as a trial. In the early days of this country and for many, many years after the founding of this country, do you know that the advice and consent roll of the Senate was done by affidavit?

The nominees to positions on various courts never showed up. The Senate did not conduct hearings and examinations and this. They just submitted affidavits, the nominees, because the purpose of the advice and consent was to determine the fitness and qualification of whoever the president had appointed. Well, that’s long ago gone by the wayside. That’s not what this is now, as anybody can tell. I may be having to rethink my belief that Kavanaugh not being confirmed would cause Republicans to not show up. I don’t think Republicans would ever vote Democrat. Somebody said, “Rush is crazy. Republicans aren’t gonna vote Democrat.”

I never said that! I said they won’t show up. They won’t vote Republican if Kavanaugh doesn’t get confirmed. But now with this, I think the level of disgust and anger at Washington on the part of average, ordinary, decent Americans is near a boiling point. Once they hear about this latest allegation! “This guy Kavanaugh was running rape trains and women getting drunk?” It doesn’t pass any smell test or believability test. The Democrats have just reached the absolute bottom of whatever pit they live in, and here’s the thing.

All of this, I firmly believe, has been planned. I think it’s a previously conceived plan that they are in the process now of, in their minds, flawlessly executing. I think they’ve got various things waiting for various other stages to happen. And when it looks like all is lost and Kavanaugh is gonna be confirmed, there they go to the dregs of what they’ve got and bring it all out. I haven’t heard it yet, but it can’t be long now that somebody’s gonna say, “Well, we can’t have this hearing tomorrow. Not with this latest allegation.”

Of course, for the Democrats and their thinking, this woman is obviously cannot be challenged. She’s the accuser. It’s the #MeToo movement, and whatever she says, it has to be accepted because we believe the victims. We think women don’t lie in these circumstances, and so there will be a new demand for an FBI investigation and so forth. In the meantime, it’s gonna get lost on people that Avenatti is not — nor his client. They are not suggesting Kavanaugh did anything. At best, this stuff happened and Kavanaugh and his buddy Judge were there and hanging around.

But this is the first that anybody has heard of “rape trains,” the rape drug, and getting girls in high school drunk so as to create “rape trains.” That just hit this week with Avenatti alluding to the fact that he had a client that was gonna say so. The Kavanaugh lawyer, by the way, Beth Wilkinson… The Christine Blasey Ford legal team sent over some documents here that are part of the process., and Kavanaugh’s lawyer says that they didn’t send a lie detector test or the therapist notes. Yeah, now imagine that.




“The attorney for Kavanaugh says that the notes taken during therapy sessions with Kavanaugh’s accuser as well as results from a lie detector test have not yet been turned over ahead of tomorrow’s hearing. Beth Wilkinson was on CBS This Morning today. She said, ‘That information would be very important to corroborate claims that the nominee sexually assaulted Ford in high school. We can’t see the lie detector results?'” No. (chuckles) We’re never gonna see those, folks.

“Wilkinson said, “They announced that there were notes and that they’re lie did he talk test but as I understand it they didn’t turn any of those over to the Senate committee even though they were requested. So the information that would have shown what she said at the very first time that she revealed these allegations has not been turned over to the Senate! There’s no way we can corroborate this independently.” But four people have corroborated her story? No, they haven’t! Four people have not corroborated her story. They have corroborated that she told them the story after Mitt Romney leaked that he was thinking of naming Kavanaugh to the court if Romney had won in 2012.


RUSH: The one thing I think is probably safe to say is that the Democrats knew they were losing. Blasey Ford had bombed out. That didn’t pan out the way they want, and then the Ramirez stories. They weren’t moving the needle because both were designed to make Kavanaugh cave or Trump cave. Make Trump pull the nomination or Kavanaugh to say, “To hell with this.” That didn’t happen. So I think this is the Hail Mary. Avenatti with this babe and the “rape trains” is the Hail Mary, and it remains to be seen…

You know, people are gonna start saying, “I don’t know how he can continue with all of this hanging over his head. Even if he ends up being exonerated, even if he makes it to the court, for crying out loud, this stuff is never gonna be forgotten.” They’re flooding the zone for precisely that reason. They are trying to destroy and sully a reputation for the rest of Kavanaugh’s life here. Again, decent people (chuckles) don’t quite know how to deal with this, much less refute it, other than to say it’s bogus.


RUSH: I’ll tell you something else. I’ll tell you how smooth the operation was to blindside the Republicans today. On Monday we got the story that Avenatti — the porn star attorney — had this babe that knew of “rape trains” in Kavanaugh’s high school. Women were drugged and given adult beverages in massive quantities, and this set up “rape trains” for guys to go in and out of rooms where these drunk and drugged women had been placed on beds. And then shortly after that there began to be on various odd places on the internet (like Forchan and other places) that Avenatti had all of a sudden locked his Twitter account, that Avenatti was pulling back on it.

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Re: The Avidnazi`s hail mary

This clown, Keith Ellison, the BJ of an ex pres, and our forum BJ, Bucky, Slowboat.....if this crew is what the manhood of the liberal party is all about, I guess that is as good of an argument for liberal birth control as anyone could ever come up with.


I just wonder how this crew ever gets up in the morning and looks in the mirror without throwing up at what they see.

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Re: The Avidnazi`s hail mary

Creepy porn lawyer is an attention who re. A male Gloria Allred wannabe