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will probably award the opportunity of the national championship game to undefeated LSU and once beaten Alabama. Pundits in the know were already posing that after the LSU defeat of Georgia. They forget to wait for the OK State drubbing of the OU Sooners a # 10 ranked team


Of course they won't change their mind and they will have the two SEC teams in the championship game. A deserving LSU opposing a non deserving Alabama. Why? Because Alabama could not even win it's conference championship. WHy should a 2nd place conference team be allowed to vie for the national championship?


I'll bet that LSU would not keep OSU from crossing the goal line, but they did that to Bama. OSU is better than alabama and most folks would think so if not for the love fest they have for Bama, LSU, Florida, Texas and Oklahoma. Those national super powers are getting their ranking on historical reputation. Bama's Loss to LSU is forgettable because they didn't lose by much and LSU was already ordained # 1. Thus LSU didn't thump them, they must be second best. At Least LSU has the credentials of an undefeated season.


OF course, OSU lost to ISU in an overtime. BUt sometimes the unexpected happens and ISU was up to the challenge. However, OSU scored touchdowns on ISU several times. Something Bama could not do with LSU.




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Re: The BCS

This LSU fan would much rather play Okie State.  They deserve to be in the game over Alabama.  It would be much more interesting to the rest of the country if Oklahoma State gets a shot.  It doesn't look like it's going to happen.  There will be a playoff instead of the BCS soon I hope. 

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Re: LSU-Tide confirmed

There really was no other choice. Okie state got beat by iowa state. That killed their chances to face lsu right there.


Iowa plays Oklahoma in insight bowl. Iowa st. plays rutgers in pinstripe bowl in NY.