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BA Deere
Honored Advisor

The Brain with David Eagleman

The Brain is a marvelous series on PBS, a couple weeks ago they talked about political decissions that one makes.  If you are conservative or liberal it can be predicted with 95% accuracy.  A person is placed in an MRI machine and shown images and the level of "disgust" is recorded. 


Now the higher level of disgust that is recorded to certain images the more conservative you are, the harder you are to be disgusted the more liberal you are. 


Here is the thing, through the entertainment industry, everyone`s tolerance for digust has been raised. Has that steady stream of garbage from the boob-tube chemically changed ...well all of our brains to a certain level?  We`ve all been "lab rats" in this to a degree.  One`s Christian beliefs are the anchor and baseline from which many of us can stand firm, but those that water-down or entirely reject God are going to be taken in any direction that the tide takes them.


Here is a link to the PBS episode  Episode 4: How do I decide?   The political decissions part begins at about 33 minutes.


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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: The Brain with David Eagleman

BA, Good points about the value of a Christian heritage, no matter how sincere the beliefs might be. The amoral atheists that are grounded in basic ten commandments perspective at least recognize that murder, adultry, larceny, etc are evil.


the ones that move further away from the basic tenets of our historical belief system lose that grounding and you end up with riots, broken families, know, the basic liberal lexicon.

Senior Contributor

Re: The Brain with David Eagleman

Tulsa Oklahoma is the buckle of the bible belt. We have the highest divorce rate in the nation. Currently Oklahoma social services need homes for 11000 foster kids.