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The Clinton foundation

The rich take care of the rich. The establishment taking care of the established.



If there were still any doubt, the latest WikiLeaks disclosure makes it undeniable: Everything we’ve heard about Bill and Hillary Clinton’s sleazy drive to enrich themselves is true.

In a way, we have daughter Chelsea to thank for the revelation.

It was her suspicion that her father’s cronies were using their Clinton Foundation connections to “hustle business” for themselves that led to an in-house legal review.

And in a 2011 memo to the review team, former presidential aide Doug Band openly boasted about how he’d raised millions for the foundation from his business clients— and even more for Bill Clinton personally.

In fact, Band’s 13-page memo actually described the arrangement he’d set up as “Bill Clinton Inc.” — “dedicating myself” to helping the Clintons use their government service to feather their own nest.

And what a gravy train: Band’s clients at his Teneo consulting firm were pressed to give millions to the foundation — and millions more to Bill.

At that point, Teneo had raised $8 million for the foundation and $3 million in paid speeches for Bill. Plus, Band boasted, it had also set up “more than $50 million in for-profit” business deals for the ex-president, with contracts worth $66 million more.

And that doesn’t even include loads of “in-kind” freebies, like vacations and private jets.

Band denied profiting personally from these deals (apart from all the high-priced business he got from his Clinton connection, that is). He would even later whine about his inability to cash in like Bill.

The foundation claims there was no unsavory link between its donors and Hillary’s job as secretary of state. Yet other e-mail dumps and press investigations show beyond a doubt that giving to Clinton causes could win you face time with the secretary, help placing people in State Department jobs — and even preferential treatment in lucrative Haiti-relief work.

Not to mention all the suspicious favors outlined in “Clinton Cash” and in other reporting since.

Even a foundation internal investigator concluded that corporations were “paying Teneo for connections with Clinton” — not to mention with the secretary of state and potential future president.

Meanwhile, when top Hillary aide Huma Abedin needed help making ends meet (her hubby’s career having nose-dived), she wound up with her own Teneo job as well as a foundation salary — even as she remained at State.

Hmm: Abedin’s husband, Anthony Weiner, would later brag of how easy he found it to earn big money in private-sector consulting.

This whole circle of enrichment was a one-hand-washes-the-other arrangement. All nice and cozy — and mutually lucrative.

What more proof do we need that as far as Bill and Hillary Clinton are concerned, the rules don’t apply to them?

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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: The Clinton foundation

Like I posted below, people have to be asleep at the switch after

30 years of watching the Clintons in action to think that 4 years of

Mrs.Clinton are going to bring anything but scandel and corruption,

as well as her demonstrated incompetence.


So the Modus Operational is to throw whatever scat they can find

at Donald Trump, hoping enough sticks to get their crooked Clintons

back in.


Fools never learn.


Have watched the progressives here applaud Gary Hart, BJ, LBJ,

ETAL, who actually had deeds, not words, to be scandelized about.

But Trump is the problem, right?


No respect for the progressive types...none. None warranted, none


Senior Advisor

Re: The Clinton foundation

None of them care about women or they would not tolerate the way Hillary tried to destroy her husband's victims. There's only one thing Hillary cares about and that's money.

Senior Advisor

Re: The Clinton foundation

"There's only one thing Hillary cares about and that's money."


And, saying whatever it takes while following any conceivable path that will land her in the oval office.