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The Crises of Capitalism

A little presentation about how Capitalism works.


Capitalism nevers solves its crises problems,

It moves them around geographically.

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BA Deere
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Re: The Crises of Capitalism

The thing is Canuck, we have never actually practiced real capitalism. We bailout those we deem "too big to fail"  We are the world`s policeman, build up countries into competitors that were once our bitter enemies(Germany,Italy,Japan,Russia ect ect) to sell a $50 US car to Germany, they slap a 19% tarriff so it costs $60Kish where as a $50K Audi here is $50K...insanity!  We fight wars in Kuwait, Iraq and win mind you then we don`t take their friggin` oil...WTF??? In the olden days when you won a war you took their treasure.  We don`t do that anymore, we buy politican votes to go to war, fight the war on the credit card and if all that isn`t insane enough we go further in debt to build the countries up to compete with us. In your vid they showed real wages have went down, well of course, that`s free trade, tarriffs should have been in place to prevent that. Communism never worked Canuck, because if I`m not going to make anymore the `Joe` why should I work any harded than Joe. Just look at the old Soviet collective farms for conformation.