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The Daily TRUMPetour V10

Well, here we go.  He said, she said.....


Last Updated Sep 16, 2016 11:44 AM EDT

After years of suggesting President Obama was born in Kenya, Donald Trump said early Friday that he believed the president was indeed born in the United States.


“President Barack Obama was born in the United States. Period,” said Trump, who spent much of his time at the beginning of the event praising his “nice hotel.”


“Now we want to get back to making America great again,” he added.

He made the three-line statement at an event staged for veterans at his recently opened Washington, D.C. hotel, following weeks of declining to tell reporters that he believed President Obama was a U.S. citizen by birth.


Trump had teased the announcement Friday, telling Fox Business Network early in the morning that he had wanted to “keep the suspense going” on the so-called “birther” issue. And that he did. The statement was the last brief thing in a long preamble -- Trump first lauded the opening of his hotel and several of the veterans present made speeches in support of Trump. 


“I’m going to make a big announcement on it today,” he had told Fox Business anchor Maria Bartiromo on “Mornings with Maria” Friday morning, previewing a visit to his newly opened Washington, D.C. hotel, just blocks away from the White House. 


“We know that Obama now -- he was born in America, correct?” Bartiromo asked Trump.


“You watch my statement,” Trump responded. “I have to -- we have to keep the suspense going, okay? So you watch.”

In that statement, Trump also repeated his false accusation that opponent Hillary Clinton was responsible for the birther controversy. “Hillary Clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy. I finished it. I finished it,” he said, adding, “You know what I mean.”


During a Fox Business interview earlier Friday, Trump had also brought up his claim about Clinton.

“Hillary brought it up during the campaign,” Trump told Bartiromo. “It was 2008 and it was brought up to her fairly well, and she brought it up, and I was the one that was successful in getting him to release his birth certificate.” 


That accusation by Trump has been consistently found to be false. He first suggested it at the CPAC conference in 2015: “Hillary Clinton wanted [Mr. Obama’s] birth certificate. Hillary is a birther,” he said then, adding that she “was unable to get [Mr. Obama’s birth certificate].” has investigated this claim and wrote in Nov. 2008 that the claim that Mr. Obama had not been born in Hawaii had been circulated in late spring of that year by “diehard Hillary Clinton supporters,” as the Democratic nomination slipped away from Clinton. The journalists who reported the story, Byron Tau and Ben Smith, told that the rumor came from Clinton’s supporters, and they had not ever found a link to her campaign. Clinton’s 2008 campaign also denied that it had anything to do with the rumor.


Just before Trump’s announcement at his Washington hotel, Clinton spoke to a group of African-American women in the nation’s capital, slamming her rival once more for his “birther” comments and cautioning Americans against believing Trump has changed his mind, no matter what he said Friday.


“For five years he has led the ‘birther’ movement to delegitimize our first black president. His campaign was founded on this outrageous lie. There is no erasing it in history,” Clinton said at the Black Women’s Agenda Symposium. “Barack Obama was born in America plain and simple and Donald Trump owes him and the American people an apology. So my friends, there is no new Donald Trump. There never will be.” 


The comments from Trump Friday came less than a day after Trump refused to say in a Washington Post interview that he believed Mr. Obama was born in Hawaii. 


“I’ll answer that question at the right time,” Trump told the Post Thursday. “I just don’t want to answer it yet.” 

Later that day, Trump’s campaign tried to neutralize the ongoing controversy with a statement from a senior aide claiming “Mr. Trump believes that President Obama was born in the United States.” 


Mr. Obama, for his part, has stayed largely out of the birther debate. But responding to reporters’ questions about the issue, the president waded in Friday, as Trump readied his announcement in Washington.


“I was pretty confident about where I was born. I think most people were as well,” the president said in the Oval Office, registering his “shock” that such a topic would be raised when there were other important policy questions to address. “My hope would be that the presidential election reflects more serious issues.”


President Obama’s long-form birth certificate, which states he was born in Hawaii, can be found below: 


Obama Birth Certificate Long Form by CBS News Politics on Scribd

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Veteran Advisor

Re: The Daily TRUMPetour V10

The fact is, that "LORD" Trump continued his attack on President Obama all these years to delegitimize President Obama's Presidency.  That's the long and the short of it.


Where's Trump's taxes that we Americans were promised?  I doubt that they will ever see the light of day.


MSNBC Contributor Repeats False Claim That Americans Don’t Care About Donald Trump's Tax Returns

Michael Steele: “Show Me The Poll Where 60 Percent Of The People Are Saying, 'I Want To See [Trump’s] Tax Returns'”


On Morning Joe, MSNBC contributor and former chairperson of the Republican National Committee Michael Steele claimed that “the American people apparently aren’t” “exercised” by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns, saying, "Show me the poll where 60 [[%]] percent of the people are saying, ‘I want to see your tax returns.’” The claim that Americans don’t care about Trump’s tax returns is often repeated by Trump surrogates and left unchecked by network interviewers,despite a late August Quinnipiac poll showing that 74 percent of all likely voters and 62 percent of likely Republican voters want Trump to release his tax returns.


DONNY DEUTSCH: Why does this man not have to do what every man or woman who's run for office -- why is he held to a different standard? Why? Tax returns that shows how you lived your life as an American citizen, how  you've owned up to your responsibilities, and how day after day, every media outlet does not pound, pound, pound. You are running for president of the United States. How dare you say we're not going to see your tax returns. How dare you insult the American public. Because you're in audit? Everybody has come out and said that has nothing to do with it. 





Being there is so much discourse in America right now, maybe a prayer is in order this morning.



The Lord Trump's Prayer


Our Father, which art in Trump Tower,


Sociopathic Liar be thy Art.


Thy Alt-Rights come.


Thy will be done in media,

as it is in real life.


Give us this day our dose of Lies.


And forgive us our Believers,


As we never forgive them who bring forth the truth against us.


And lead us not into a black church,


But deliver us from the birther movement.


For thine is the Kingdom of Gold,

The Power of Gold, and the Glory of Gold,

Forever and Ever.









Re: The Daily TRUMPetour V10

I like the part on the birth certificat that states occupation of father-student occupation of mother-blank.  Obama has been on the public dole since birth.Smiley Very HappySmiley SurprisedSmiley Frustrated

Veteran Advisor

Re: The Daily TRUMPetour V10

And Sorry, "LORD" Trump does owe President Obama a very, very big apology for the birther movement that he kept going all these years.  Of course, that will never happen either.....




I see some posts from myself and our Canadian friend got deleted last night, not sure how or why, maybe someone doesn't like the fact that we don't get our only source of news from FOX.


Trump before election.jpg


Have a great day....



Senior Advisor

Re: The Daily TRUMPetour V10

The bio Barack used for 17 years. And the birther movement was started by non other than Sidney Blumenthal.


Veteran Advisor

Re: The Daily TRUMPetour V10





And if you think I am going to beleive ANYTHING with a Breitbart stamp on it, you must really thing I, and the rest of America, are fools....



Veteran Advisor

Re: The Daily TRUMPetour V10

Oh, that's right, the taxes can't be released because they would be "a distraction".


Donald Trump Jr. seemed to break from his father’s previous reason as to why he couldn’t release his tax returns, saying that releasing the returns would be a distraction for the Trump presidential campaign.


Yeah, they probably would, but that's the point, isn't it?



Re: The Daily TRUMPetour V10

I think he should start fainting and have seizures. you know....the proper way to run a campaign

Senior Advisor

Re: The Daily TRUMPetour V10

Her's snopes.


Claim: A 1991 literary client list promotional booklet identified Barack Obama as having been born in Kenya.

It was HIS bio. He used it for nearly 2 decades.
Senior Advisor

Re: The Daily TRUMPetour V10

And her's some more for you Jen.




Two supporters of Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential campaign reportedly shared the claim that then-rival Barack Obama was not born in the United States and thus was not eligible to be president.

One was a volunteer in Iowa, who was fired, Clinton’s former campaign manager said Friday. The other was Clinton confidant Sidney Blumenthal, according to a former McClatchy Washington Bureau chief.

The issue arose Friday as Donald Trump finally acknowledged that Obama was born in the U.S. Trump, a leading champion of the debunked “birther” conspiracy theory for years, attempted to blame Clinton for starting it when she ran against Obama in 2008 for the Democratic presidential nomination.