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Re: The Daily TRUMPetour V9

This could be the sticker, but I don't have much faith in it making much of a difference. Triump is building tremendous momentum:
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Re: The Daily TRUMPetour V9

I was concerned a few days ago about the momentum Trump had going, I'm not so much now.  Maybe it was after seeing Trump being thumped by the pastor at that Black church in Flint.  Someone willing to stand for what she saw as being wrong.


Trump is no better at reading off the teleprompter.  He sucks....(and what a joke that his exercise is his hand gestures at his rallies), and we'll see what happens at the debates, when he won't have the teleprompter to read.  I won't be surprised, if he feels the first one didn't go well, will cancel his appearance at the rest.  Like I said, we'll see....


It's at the debates, where the RNC won't be able to bridle in his off the cuff comments, that ALWAYS get him in trouble.  And, I'm sure they will.  It should be one heck of an election. The biggest issue I see, is how are the polling sites going to be able to the influx of people, the likes of which they have probably never seen.  Turnout will be heavy, you can count on that, for both parties.


And where's the taxes that we have been promised for years - since he began thinking about a run he promised that he would produce his taxes.  No - this man won't change.  Broken promises now, will lead to broken promises in the future, "BELIEVE ME", a skunk doesn't change it's stripes...




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Re: The Daily TRUMPetour V9

Save it from the beast called Hilda and all the fruit cakes that would vote for her