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Senior Advisor

The Deep State

back around the turn of the century, the US was floating along in an End of History dream.

One of the long haired theories was that the risk to the forever US centric world was failed states and non-state actors who could use them as havens. 

Probably why we didn’t even consider just letting the Taliban expel Al Quaeda and go back to buggering boys.

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bruce MN

The higher the disapproval…

… the jumpier they get.

But out in the Country, it’s hung around 70-75% for getting out since not so very  long after it started.

Senior Contributor

Re: The Deep State

And if revenge had not been the big reason for invading a little patience and diplomacy would have had Bin Ladin handed over

The vote in Afghanistan that stopped him being expelled if not handed directly over was only 1 or 2 votes short of doing it.

A little diplomacy and a few $$ would have seen a different outcome in only a few months.

The world might be a much different place if revenge had not been the driving force

Senior Advisor

Re: The Deep State

Retribution is how they sold it to the public.*

But it was always about the eggheads' theory surrounding failed states as havens for non-state actors.

They were bound and determined to go in and "nation build" from well before 9/11, they just got an excuse from it.

Just like they were talking about invading Iraq on the afternoon of 9/11.

*Iraq too- and some majority of Americans believed that Iraq had some responsibility when it was never proven it had any at all. Actually never proven that Al Quaeda did either- just have some confessions from waterboarded prisoners to stitch the tale together from.