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BA Deere
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Re: The Dr. On why you are so angry

The author (Krugman?) is assuming that we (rural people) "want something" and "we`re angry".  If anything we want to be left alone much more than "want something".   We are angry in that our borders are open and poor people are piling in, destroying our country, Biden and the Democrats not only don`t care but are exacerbating it.  We`re angry that the Democrats want to take our guns, force regulations, raise taxes, force "vaccines" that don`t work and then don`t apologize when the gig is up.

I`m a very happy person when I don`t have to think about fückin` Democrats.... fückin`, ásshole, cöck sucker. mother fückers!

Re: The Dr. On why you are so angry

While he who shall not be named is on the menu here today

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WJB on cities vs. farms

You come to us and tell us that the great cities are in favor of the gold standard. We reply that the great cities rest upon our broad and fertile prairies. Burn down your cities and leave our farms, and your cities will spring up again as if by magic. But destroy our farms and the grass will grow in the streets of every city in the country.(William Jennings Bryan, Cross of Gold Speech, 1896)

BA Deere
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Re: WJB on cities vs. farms

Paul Krugman is trying to convince everyone how good things are (except the rural economy)... YET when the bill comes for the party they`ve been having, Mr short arms, deep pockets suggests a scheme to mint a $1 Trillion coin (why not 32 of `em while we`re at it?) to pay their living beyond their means.   

These cityfolk are a strange breed, out here in the country we don`t think things are so good if you can`t pay for what you`ve bought.  Keynesianism run amuck!  Though when you are the world`s reserve currency and the largest Navy by a factor of 10 you can perform quite a magic show.

Re: WJB on cities vs. farms

You two raging “prairie populists” should probably bone up on Bryan and who and what he was talking about and the state of matters at the time he said that,

Next thing you’ll be linking Caesar Chavez or Bob LaFollett 

But good entertainment for a sickly old man on a cold January morning. 

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Re: BTW Don't get SF in trouble....give credit properly

Do you supply mustard and ketchup?