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The Enemies of the People

The Deep State thought the Epstein affair had gone away but Julie K. Brown of the Miami Herald did some great reporting that revealed the cynical corruption of the Bush Administration (well, one small example of many).

Reminds me of when another brutish thug of high cunning- KKK Grand Wizard D.C. Stephenson- took effective control of Indiana in the 1920s.

He was quite possibly going to get away with a rape/murder had the Indianapolis Times not stayed on the story.

There's an historical marker in Pan Am Plaza in Indianapolis that commemorates the work of the now defunct paper.

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powerful people

generally escape their crimes unscathed.   It use to be mostly covered up, now like with hillary's email server, the DOJ just says meh so what, suck it fools, the rules are for you.

The way it used to be done:

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Re: powerful people

I think there's a serious overlap between the Pantin' for Palin and QAnon crowds.