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The FBI and Comey

If Secretary Clinton doesn't win, Comey and his letter to Congress two weeks ago is probably to blame. How political was it?

The thing is, is that it took the pressure off of Sniffy, and put the chain back around Secretary Clintons neck. It wasn't right, and it smells of dirty politics in a big way.

Tick Tock....

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Re: The FBI and Comey

How about it being Clintons fault for not winning?

BA Deere
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Re: The FBI and Comey

"emails" didn`t move the needle one iota one way or another.  When Comey was hammering her, did you abandon her? no you attacked James Comey.  You thought Comey the hero when he sort of vindicated her in July.    I don`t give a damned about her emails...I just hate all of her policies.