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The FBI's property receipts.

It wasn't 12 boxes, it wasn't 15 boxes, it was 21 boxes, including TS/SCI documents (plural), documents so sensitive that they can only be accessed in special locations.

  Funny, a trump lawyer previously told the DOJ, in a letter, that everything had been returned.  I don't know who that lawyer was but either they were lying or, more likely, lied to.

  Trump's responses have gone from, "I don't have anything", to "I have it but it's not classified", to "it was classified but I declassified it before I left office".

  You can a man is lying when he changes his story three times in 24 hours.  Meanwhile, his morally depraved suckers just eat it up. 

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Re: The FBI's property receipts.

I can't stand this Trump.

Re: The FBI's property receipts.

No one cares about Donald Trump anymore. They've managed to get rid of him, which wasn't easy. Still, he's not relevant anymore. He has a lot of money and good lawyers. That's why he didn't get convicted yet. I'm sure he doesn't want to be surveilled by the FBI all the time, but it's his fault.

The craziest story about Trump was that his house is bigger than the white house. I wish I could one day buy a house like that, but I know that won't happen soon. The important thing when buying a house is to have it evaluated. You don't want to pay more than you should. When I got my house, I contacted the people from first, and it was worth it.