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The Family Jewels

got mention the other day- some of the last stuff that gets turned over to the POTUS elect during the transition.

That's the ultra top secret "you don't want to know and if you did we'd have to kill you" stuff.

Biden's been around and is no doubt deemed trustworthy. There was a story about how they probably didn't know what to make of the jug eared kid from IL and on one of the first days a passel of muckymucks in suits marched into the oval Office and made a big circle around his desk. Just wanting to "welcome" him, ya know?

Disco Dave Dennison never wanted to take them on- he just wanted to control them for his corrupt ends and he halfway succeeded, but that probably wasn't enough. He did make some "promises" about releasing documents on some of the more tabloid worthy stuff like JFK and UFOs, but nothing came of it.

Might think he can use some of that to trade for some immunity. He might be that desperate or dumb.

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Senior Advisor

Re: The Family Jewels

BTW, he cannot be permitted to escape the country. They'll have to shoot down the plane if he tries to make a run for it.

Senior Advisor

Re: The Family Jewels

And my assessment is that "the Deep State*" did come to find Obama acceptable and in fact handed him some gifts that made it possible for him to win a second term.

They no doubt liked a lot about Disco Dave, too, but not enough. And he simply does not work and play well with others.

*a bastardization of the term but now common usage.