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The Fourth Turning

For those of us for whom the peak of our adult years was spent during the fourth Great Unravelling (1982-2004) it is understandable that it was hard to hear the bell announcing the commencement of The Fourth Turning, the next great crisis period. It commenced on schedule, roughly 2005 with our defeats in Iraq and Afghanistan and the great financial collapse.


We're halfway in or better, with the peak- and the conclusion, for better or worse- due around 2023-5. Expect more social and economic turmoil and more impuse toward conflict, both foreign and domestic.


Hasn't really been noticed yet in the Government Commodity Agriculture biz but I suspect it is beginning to be and will be further. Thus far we really should be naming our firstborn Barack as the admin/Deep State pinked the economic corpse up with some O2 so we could pretend  we still had one, which help deliver another half a dozen years of record farm income. Of course kost all that income flowed to the land and to the input monopolies.