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The Georgia debates, well, I don't know which was worse.

As for the Georgia debates, I don't know which was worse, Perdue not showing up and letting Ossoff pound him for a whole hour in absentia or Loeffler showing up and demonstrating in person her slavish devotion to trump and endlessly accuse Warnock of being a liberal socialist after he carefully explained he wasn't.  I mean, listening to Loeffler repeatedly deny that trump had lost his election even as Georgia certified Biden's win was the ultimate in absurdity.  Literally, Loeffler is everything, the trump minions accuse Harris of being only more so. The only thing she's got going for her is that she's trump acolyte, besides her husband's money that is. 

  Even on the scale of your typical Georgia politicians, Loeffler and Perdue are way down there on the bottom.  I would hope that the republicans in Georgia would want at least a little better quality politicians to represent them in Washington.

  To settle for Perdue and Loeffler would be pathetic.



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Re: The Georgia debates, well, I don't know which was worse.

(As ..... pathetic.)

My first time listening to her, I was rather impressed.

Interesting that, like senile joe, you had nothing positive to say about her opponent.