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The Grand Illusion  ---------------I am writing about a larger grand scheme to alter the American experience, the very everyday realities Americans use to interpretcurrent events and to develop their world view, in essence, the totality of experiences that comprise the closely-held ideas that become the very internal fabric of each and every American.                      

    What if most of our closely held beliefs, not only about our country, but about health, medicine, biology, money, finance, space and time, energy resources, even our expectations on how long we will live and our interpretations about past, present and future events, are built upon staged or fabricated events and information?


    In 1989 a couple of business school professors wrote a book (The Unreality Industry, 1993) explaining how humans tend to accept the false realities created by television as long as they fit their preconceived idea of what the world is about.  These professors described a giant morality play that America has doled out to its citizens via television.  They described a heroless and leaderless society where “great leaders” are created electronically and are considered great by their position rather than their accomplishments.


  snip--Some modern-day events appear to be contrived and have obvious political purposes.  For example, the alleged gassing of women and children in Syria, the most recent example, is paraded in news report around the globe.              But visual inspection reveals photos of shrouded dead people with fully pink faces, which suggests blood circulation, not the absence of it.  Every dead person’s eyes are closed, yet the dead often have a fixed open-eyed stare.  A “fixed and dilated pupil” of an eye is shown as evidence of death, but the pupil is not fully dilated.  The hands of the dead are crossed over their chests and some actually have their fingers laced together.  This is not characteristic of dead bodies where rigor mortis has set in.  This event appears to be staged and the news media is complicit in airing it without a critical eye.

   But modern unrealities extend beyond obvious political objectives.  More pervasively, these created realities reach into deeper portions of our minds and lives.  Every-day practiced unrealities, involving money and health, cement falsehoods into our lives and breed a mindset that accepts other unrealities.

      According to the Compact Oxford English Dictionary of Current English, Oxford University Press (2005), reality is the state of things as they actually exist, rather than as they may appear or might be imagined.   

      It is said that reality is the totality of all things, structures (actual and conceptual), events (past and present) and phenomena, whether observable or not. It is what a world view (whether it be based on individual or shared human experience) ultimately attempts to describe or map.   

   Not only events, but ideas also shape reality.  Certain ideas from physics, philosophy, sociology and religion shape various theories of reality.   Basically we create our own reality or world view.  God is or isn’t.  Darwinian evolution is or isn’t the best explanation of where life came from. 


  From that world view is how humans accept or reject information they are confronted with.  If that information does not fit a particular world view, it is initially rejected, even if it is obvious and observed.


  snip--Today America is more fascist than democratic.  There is an evil allegiance between industry and government.  Government may issue mandates that subjugate the population to an unreality.  For example, the mandate that all school children must be vaccinated prior to admission to school in order to protect them from infection and death.   Yet season of the year (winter) and geography (northern latitude) rather than vaccination rates appear to be larger factors in regard to infectious disease.  Little is done to boost immunity (vitamin therapy) as there is total reliance upon vaccination to quell infectious disease.


  snip--I won’t dwell on these above-mentioned historical and scientific questions as they only serve as distractions to my main point, that every-day practiced falsehoods about health and money lull Americans into acceptance of virtually everything the State presents.

     Today, in a political sense, those Americans who don’t embrace complete blind faith in American government are potential terrorists.  The President of the United States stands in Congress and asked Americans to decide: ”Either you are with us or you are with the terrorists.”  

    That deciding-point had a political objective.  Today any American who is skeptical of government and outspoken may be placed on a watch list by the Department of Homeland Security, and listened to by the National Security Administration.


      New generations embrace even more preposterous unrealities because the prior generation never questioned them. 

     When a population accepts every notion that it has been taught, this sets the tone for passive acceptance of almost everything that is doled out on television or in school textbooks.  To object or even begin to question is to run the risk of a modern day inquisition.