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Milligan Hay - Iowa d:^)
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The Hollow Case Against Arizona

The Hollow Case Against Arizona


Posted 07/07/2010 06:48 PM ET



Law: After smearing Arizona's immigration law as racial profiling, the Justice Department has issued its lawsuit against the state. But it's not about civil rights anymore. It's about a federal "right" to not enforce U.S. law.


When Arizona passed a law last April mirroring U.S. federal immigration law, it was the opposite of the sort of challenges states historically bring to the feds.


Back when, say, schools were being desegregated, federal troops had to face off against state sheriffs because state laws were in direct contradiction to federal laws.


Not so with Arizona's law, which requires the state to help buttress federal law. That means federal and state agents should be enforcing an out-of-control illegal immigration crisis — brought on by spillover from Mexico's horrific cartel war — together.


But to the politicos now running the federal government, Arizona's law is, for political reasons, painted as racist.


"I think it certainly could invite profiling," huffed Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano last May, shortly after admitting she hadn't even read the law.


"We could potentially get on a slippery slope where people will be picked on because of how they look as opposed to what they have done," worried Attorney General Eric Holder back then.


Even President Obama is onboard, stating last week: "These laws have the potential of violating rights of innocent American citizens and legal residents, making them subject to possible stops or questioning because of what they look like or how they sound."


The infuriating thing is the Arizona law requires commission of a crime first before lawmen can ask questions. Obama's own federal enforcers already have this right, yet somehow have avoided racial-profiling charges.


This shows that the race-baiting is really all about winning over the far-left Latino vote, because the federal lawsuit against Arizona doesn't have any charges at all about civil rights violations.


It's now all about federal laws "preempting" state laws, as if Arizona's law somehow contradicted federal law. It doesn't.


"The Constitution and the federal immigration laws do not permit the development of a patchwork of state and local immigration policies through the country," the lawsuit says.


But there is no patchwork in this seamless following of federal law here. The real patchwork is in federal enforcement.


Arizona itself is under siege from Mexican cartels who violate the state's border because they've been thwarted by stepped up immigration enforcement on other states' borders.


The cartels have given Arizona the second-highest kidnapping rate on the globe, and vast swathes of land have been conceded by the Feds to cartels, complete with signs warning locals to stay out.


That federal unwillingness to enforce the law in Arizona underlines that the Obama administration has been derelict in its duty to enforce the laws of the land.


The feds say they want to focus on cartels and ignore garden-variety illegals caught in the act of committing crimes.


But that only signals they haven't learned the lesson of James Q. Wilson's "broken windows theory," which emphasizes the value of enforcing against petty lawlessness to discourage far worse crimes and criminal networks.


It's one thing for Feds to not want to do their job. But it's appalling to see the government smear a state as racist, and then bring a lawsuit that only highlights its own failure to do its job.


If it's a crime to enforce federal law, then why do these laws exist?


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BA Deere
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Re: The Hollow Case Against Arizona

Hey Craig, the Obama administration is sofaking stupid in challenging Arizona. If a cop sees you are driving without a seatbelt and stops you, he is profiling those not wearing seatbelts. That is what law enforcement is about, profiling. If the cops setup a roadblock for "safety checks" they can scrutinize your liscence, proof of insurance and if probabable cause they can search your vehicle.........but they`re not suposed to enquire the status of a questionable person`s citizenship. That`s "B" as in B and "S" as in S. Oh yeah while I`m on a rant, someone said this about "anchor babies". If Canada invaded us and some of the pregnant female soldiers dropped babies on American soil. Should those new born little bastereds be considered legal American citizens??? 

Senior Contributor

Re: The Hollow Case Against Arizona

This will be interesting to see how this court case plays out.  One would think it would be very easy for the state of Arizona to show that the federal government has not done its job of protecting our borders and as a result the state of Arizona (along with other states) has seen higher crime rates and been forced to cover the enormous financial costs associated with this problem. 


I just recently read that from 1892 to 1954 a little over 16 million immigrants passed through Ellis Island.  I have to wonder how many millions of illegal immigrants have entered the country in just the last 30 years.  I'm betting it is far greater then the 16 million that passed through Ellis Island during those 62 years.


I see where Comedy Central's Stephen Colbert has been saying America needs these illegals to pick our fruits and vegetables and has teamed up with the immigrants to challenge Americans who feel illegals are taking jobs away from U.S. citizens to come down and apply for jobs to pick fruit and vegetables.  Colbert claims Americans won't do those jobs because they pay less and involve hard work and long hours during peak harvest season.  I have a real problem with this way of thinking.  First off I am not against immigrants being allowed temporary passes to come into the country to work seasonal ag jobs.  However I worry about what appears to be a growing list of jobs now considered below what we Americans will do.  I encouraged my son last year while at college to get a part time job to help pay for his education.  Seems jobs were tough to find and one of the few hiring was Burger King to which my son said he would never work there.  I told him it would still pay minimum wage which is far higher then what I made working part time jobs while in high school and college.  When did we become to good to do manual labor? 


Immigrants both legal and illegal are now filling a large number of jobs and not just in the south picking fruits and vegetables.  Many other ag jobs including dairy, hog and chicken farms are now hiring large numbers of immigrants.   Landscaping, slaughter houses, restaurants, road construction as well as all sorts of building construction jobs are also now hiring large numbers of immigrants both legal and illegal.  Instead of questioning why these jobs have lowered their wages which resulted in more immigrants taking these jobs I see many folks like Colbert telling us we need millions of illegals immigrants to do these jobs.   In their eyes I guess it is O.K. for these employers to take advantage of these people and pay them a less then living salary.  Our government seems to go along with this in the name of our cheap food policy or because these large employers make good campaign donors.  It was not that long ago that slaughter houses paid a decent salary.  How much longer before all fast food positions, janitor jobs and other less desirable jobs start to cut their pay and go the same route?  


As a farmer and a grain inspector I have worked 20 plus hour days.  I have often done hard labor in hot and dusty conditions such as picking up rocks, baling hay, pitching manure by hand, cleaning out grain bins and corn cribs and walking beans which I will be doing again today as it far cheaper for me to control volunteer corn in some fields.  I worry our country is sending the wrong message to our young and that we will become like some wealthy middle east oil countries that have to bring in immigrants to fill all their manual labor jobs. 


I think it is time agriculture jobs especially large mega farms start having to pay at the least minimum wage and overtime which they currently are not required to do.  Then if we still need part time immigrants so be it.  I am all for legal immigration but surely we all realize there has to be set limits and rules to followed especially at a time when unemployment hoovers around 9%.


I have to wonder if we are headed to the point where many Americans start having anti-Hispanic feelings because of the large uncontrolled influx of illegals across our southern border.  I see where France and several other European countries seem to have a growing anti-Muslim attitude as many are now banning or considering banning the wearing of burkas by Muslim women including those that are citizens of their country.  This seems to be a greater assault on personal rights then Arizona's law. 



Red Steele
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Re: The Hollow Case Against Arizona

Talking about the "broken windows" theory of cleaning up a place, puts the limelight back on Rudy G. I last heart that phrase in relation to his cleanup of NYC as Mayor.


If Obama keeps going down the route he has chosen, don't be surprised to see a hard right guy like Rudy as a challenger in 2012. Assuming that Obama is even on the ballot then. At the rate Obama is going, I would rate his 2012 ballot chances as not much more than 50/50 at this point.

Senior Contributor

Re: The Hollow Case Against Arizona

Just guessing at this early point that Hillary will get the Dem nod in 2012. " It's the economy, stupid."


Re: The Hollow Case Against Arizona

      say I break into your house.
Let's say that when you discover me in
      your house, you insist that I leave.
      I say,
      'No! I like it here. It's better than my house. I've made all the beds and
      washed the dishes and did the laundry
      swept the floors. I've done all the things you don't like to do. I'm
      hard-working and honest(except
      for when I broke into your house).

      to the protesters:

      are Required
      to let me stay in your house
      are Required
      feed me
      are Required
      to add me to your family's insurance plan
      are Required
      to Educate my kids
      are Required
      to Provide other benefits to me & to my
      husband will do all of your yard work because he is also hard-working and
      honest. (except for that breaking in


        you try to call the police or force me out, I will call my friends who
        will picket your
        carrying signs that proclaim my RIGHT
        be there.

      only fair, after all, because you have a nicer house than I do, and I'm
      just trying to better myself. I'm a hard-working and honest, person,
      except for well, you know, I did break into your house
      what a deal it is for me!!! 
      live in your house, contributing only a fraction of the cost of my keep,
      and there is nothing you can do about it without being accused of cold,
      uncaring, selfish, prejudiced, and bigoted
      yeah, and I DEMAND that you learn MY
      LANGUAGE!!! so
      that you can communicate with me.
      can't people see how ridiculous this is?!
      is populated and governed by idiots.

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Re: The Hollow Case Against Arizona

Maybe this will all be worth the hell we are going through if it slows down political affirmative action.