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The Human Q-Tip’s “rabbii”

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Re: The Human Q-Tip’s “rabbii”

No end to the sacrileges of our fine folk.


My favorite remains Prosperity TV Preacher Paula White who used to play Amazing Grace on Benny Hinn's skin flute.


Tht's actually a more time proven way of becoming prosperous as compared to the Lord's Favor.

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Re: The Human Q-Tip’s “rabbii”

this cracked me up, too funny:


“Judaism itself is a multi-denominational religion that encompasses multiple forms of expression and belief,” said the Rabbinical Assembly, an organization that represents the rabbis of the Conservative Movement, in a statement. “Nonetheless, so-called 'Messianic Judaism' is not a Jewish movement, and the phrase 'Jews for Jesus' is a contradiction in terms, insofar as Judaism does not recognize Jesus of Nazareth as the Messiah.”