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Over the course of a couple of decades, Ignorant White Male Blowhards became the beating heart of the GOP base. 

Rush was the prototype and the prophet although many cashed in on the phenomenon. IWMBs were central to the FOX formula even if it was leavened with some tarts and witches.

We've reached Peak IWMB, but it won't recede quickly and there's a vast army hoping to rise to the prominence and vast levels of remuneration that the stars have enjoyed. Some even believe their own crap.

Old GOPers and pundits were shocked to see the King of the IWNBs mow down the field in 2016. He did prove a master of ranting, demeaning and bullying that are the essence. 

Being fake wealthy and having a phony trophy wife also played straight into the psychology.

The monied minority is totally nihilistic and couldn't have cared less as long as they get what they want..

There is some not insubstantial minority of women who are ensnared via Stockholm syndrome.


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Re: The IWMBs

Wondering what the numbers would show if it could be tabulated as to just how many household units are actually classic patriarchies?

Big, I’m sure in pockets where Pa has the remote and anybody in the room is wondering if tonight’s fare will be Duck Dynasty or Swamp People, But where there is actually something going on I suspect that units are quite differently constituted.

Senior Advisor

Re: The IWMBs

As far as the ignorance part I'd reckon about 50/50 as to whether by choice or act of nature.