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Re: you're like a caricature

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Re: the mancrush thing

I think it says a lot more about your demons, Obnoxious one, than anyone else that you remember and fixate on something like that.


Just like when you obsess about Trump's sex life.


Go see a shrink and get some help.

Re: the mancrush thing

I think you stand out as the individual who is the most obsessed with JFK and WJC's sex lives.


I'm just obsessed with the willingness of the fine Christians who are obsessed about that giving Dennison a complete pass.

Esteemed Advisor

Re: the mancrush thing

you really lack the power of self introspection.


Hey, if one forum guy calls you a donkey, it might not mean much....but if a whole gang is zeroing in on you, maybe its time to get a saddle.


I think I have defended JFK many times...pointing out that his wife was quite the trollop herself, messing around with that old greek before, during, and after the JFK years.


And Joe , the senior citizen lecher with the 24 year old gf made his sons look like regular family guys. Your dad never brought 20 something home to your family home and did his business while the rest of the family and your mother was there, did he?


as for BJ, I will leave that up to Bruce....I think he followed all of that more than I ever did.


Quite a crew....but yeah, Donald Trump is the one that really soiled things up.


You betcha.