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The MSM conspiracy

As my wife turns on CBS Morning first thing every day I've been treated to the entire spectacle.


The All Trump All the Time coverage, freezeout of coverage of Sanders, (at least) twice a day posting of Clinton's "insurmountable" delegate lead w/superdelegates etc.*


The last couple days have featured both Nora O'Donnell and Charlie Rose doin' their jobs which is to look very serious for the cameras and nod while Cheeto Jesus dissembles and babbles


I can't stand to hear Clinton on the stump either (she's almost tolerable when just speaking).


Gonna be a long four months and a longer four years.


Good news is that either one will likely be a one termer, if I happen to still be alive. Bad news is that the circumstances likely to bring that to fruition aren't going to be pleasant.


* they got called on this and quit, but at one point they did a standard propaganda technique where you scale the Y axis on a chart starting above 0 so as to make the data look more impressive to anybody who is just scanning it. Which I'm sure would be most.