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The Man of the People

looked pretty comfy in Davos.

The global elite took a while to warm up to him but they're now comfortable that the populism is fake and he's one of them (not in terms of wealth, but in attitude).

Global financial capitalism, climate destruction etc. can run apace!

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Re: The Man of the People

Dennison now says (from Davos while hobnobbing with the global elite) that he's going to work to cut Social Security- something he said he'd never do like all those other darn Republicans would. "Easiest thing ever, really," said The Man of the People.

Well, we now know what Moscow Mitch got but I imagine he wishes his little b###h would keep his yap shut for a few more days.


Re: The Man of the People

Could be that in front of the muckymucks cutting medicare and SS is the closest thing to something he'd think serious people would say that he could think of.

But as far as the "throw the bums off" bit goes, that would be another dagger for rural America which is older, poorer and less healthy than the rest of the country.

What's the Matter With Kansas?

Is the long held dream of the Movement Republicans (who he Reality TV pretended to battle) though.