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The Man who shot Liberty Valence...Racism Primer

1962, Jim Crow, segregation, just a few years from a black person even being allowed to sit in the US Senate dining room and eat a meal, and John Ford creates a black and white masterpiece of a film where the coward wins, the hero loses, and the truth is obstructed. And in this film, he makes a subtle statement about rights in America.


Pompey: It was writ by Mr. Thomas Jefferson of Virginia.

Ransom Stoddard: Was written, Pompey.

Pompey: Written by Mr. Thomas Jefferson. And he called the Constitution.

Ransom Stoddard: Declaration of Independence.

Pompey: It begun with the words... "We hold these truths to be..." uhh...

Charlie - A Classmate: Self-evident.

Ransom Stoddard: Let him alone, Charlie.

Pompey: "Self-evident, that..." uhh... that...

Ransom Stoddard: "That all men are created equal." That's fine, Pompey.

Pompey: I knew that, Mr. Rance, but I just plumb forgot it.

Ransom Stoddard: Oh, it's all right, Pompey. A lot of people forget that part of it. You did just fine, Pompey.


Pompey is a black man, learning to read under the guidance of the "pilgrim" greenhorn lawyer played by Jimmy Stewart, a decent republican conservative man in real life who certainly appreciated the chance to talk about equal rights in America. 


Republicans, from Abraham Lincoln to the present, have a long history of wanting equal rights for all, and not wanting the plantation system of the democrats to be the norm in America. With President Trump, we have the lowest levels of black unemployment ever, and the stigma of being democratic wards on a welfare plantation could soon be something from history, a misguided LBJ attempt to have , what were his words "the negro voting democrat forever."


Democrats must hate it when their ploys to circumvent the real desires of patriotic and good American citizens fail. What a bunch of evil doers they are.

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Re: The Man who shot Liberty Valence...Racism Primer

Great movie, one of the best western ever made.


brings up a great point though. The right on here take the statement “all men are created equal” literary. They still think women should be subservants to men and not think for themselves. Or have any say in matters that only apply to women, that’s what men are for 

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Re: The Man who shot Liberty Valence...Racism Primer

Chuck Schumer and Keith Ellison might think that way but the vast majority of conservatives do not.

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Re: The Man who shot Liberty Valence...Racism Primer

Conservative men seem to show a lot more honor and respect towards women than liberal men do. Look at how many liberal men were claimed by the "me-too" movement.


Re: The Man who shot Liberty Valence...Racism Primer

Let's talk about racism in other countries, shall we? You'd be surprised what people try to bite the bullet


Re: The Man who shot Liberty Valence...Racism Primer

I want to see this movie. I recently saw an episode of the not-so-new series Your Honor. I won't say that it touches on a note of racism, but some of the scenes except for the main idea shocked me. And how do others deal with the onslaught of democracy where people are shut out if they want to assert their rights too? The British government has stated that this is a matter for the government and people of India, not foreign countries or foreign organizations. They won't even let people in there even though Karim Jivraj won the Canadian election. And what has changed after 2015? It makes me laugh to watch people kill themselves for the human rights of other non-social images of people