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The Movement to SECEDE.

Here is a good discussion on the movement to secede, with Texas as the lead, to form a new nation. Primarily, all the counties, except for the 18% leftist counties.



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Re: The Movement to SECEDE.

Sure - right Millie.   You are so full of sh-t.   I’d go into hiding if I were you.   Lock down your trashy place - no one will bother looking for you there as it looks abandoned anyway.   Turn up your fences to full power.   Maybe you’ll kill some of the Bass Tard’s before they come to get you.   Time to get paranoid - there are those that know of your telling others to kill the Leftist Leaders.   

You are a Traitor Millie.   The long anc the short of it.   You are a TRAITOR.



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Re: The Movement to SECEDE.

I prefer expulsion.

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Re: The Movement to SECEDE. now a news source...along with the funny cat when are you moving ?



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Re: The Movement to SECEDE.

Millions of you have already seceded from reality.