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bruce MN

The NC 9 deal

GOP leaders everywhere are very likely shaking in their boots over the very real possibility that the election will be a do-over.


If that happens it will supplant any number of important matters in ranking of daily news stories.  And not one that will be difficult for even the most unsophisticated news consumer to understand.  As in “Why are they doing this?”.


The other piece of it being, of course, is that if this kind of thing can happen, and evidently been happening for decades, in a mildly purple state like NC, what about most of Mississippi?  Rural Louisiana? Heck, Eastern Washington State?


Think 77,000 scattered votes in 3 States in a National election.

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Senior Contributor

Re: The NC 9 deal

77,000 votes is all that stood between our decent country and one of shame and evil.

Senior Contributor

Re: The NC 9 deal

Yes 77,000 that thwarted the will of the majority and selected you president