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The National Socialists Are At It Again, MoveOn Target

Retailer Target found itself in the bull's-eye of a boycott over its donation to a pro-business group that claims is anti-gay. Target said sorry, but

MoveOn won't stop. So what's the real agenda here?

Already something smells funny with the leftist radicals of The group, which claims to be member-run and grass roots, seems to have full-blown rebellion on its hands over its nonstop boycott of and harassment campaign against Target Corp.

Last month, the Minneapolis-based retailing giant donated $100,000 to a pro-business group called MN Forward. MN Forward in turn donated some of its cash to Republican candidate Tom Emmer, who's running for governor of Minnesota on a pro-business platform.

Given that Target is headquartered in Minneapolis and presumably would like to keep it that way, the donation seemed logical. But not to, the radical group that first got its name in 2007, when it ran a slanderous ad in the New York Times against Gen. David Petraeus.

It announced a national boycott of Target, claiming the company was anti-gay because Emmer opposed gay marriage. To make things nuttier, the group claimed that the donation, ruled perfectly legal by the Supreme Court in January, "subverts our democracy."

Target, which has supported "progressive" causes to a fault in the past, apologized long ago to and said it would review its donations more closely in the future. But that only made nuttier.

It organized unkempt protesters to dance around as "flash mobs" on an Internet film clip, on the premises of Target stores, vandalizing merchandise and disgusting anyone who saw it. It also spent $35,000 on an anti-Target ad that was so extreme, even the left-leaning MSNBC refused to run it.

But the real oddity starts when one looks at the group's Facebook page. There, its own members, the people claims call the shots in the organization, seem to be against them.

"Sorry guys," wrote one. "They apologized and won't do this again without a full review. Point made. I'm gay and I'm going to shop there."

"I'm sorry to see that, originally a very important voice, has hit a new low in proving its irrelevancy," wrote another.

Said a third: "I thought MoveOn was supposed to be about supporting the working class and middle class? Why are we going into their places of work and harassing them?"

Still another: "MoveOn how about you move on to another topic!!"

As the harassment of Target goes on even against the wishes of many members, it sounds like MoveOn is listening to monied interests a lot more.

Late last week, three "socially responsible" funds came in to support's Target fetish, including one that stood out: Trillium Asset Management. Trillium is a $1 billion fund with former AFL-CIO employees on its payroll that made news last year for leading a pro-Employee Free Choice Act campaign last year to force unionization on workers, claiming businesses supported it.

Target, like its bigger retail rival Wal-Mart, is a nonunion employer, but is on the card check lobby's hit list. The inexplicable campaign against it may be a setup to pressure it into unionization.

This could explain why groups like MoveOn won't drop the topic. The shadowy organizations of the Big Left are out to harness big businesses and could use help from nuisance groups such as

This boycott doesn't seem to be hurting Target, but it's a nasty, underhanded campaign that should be exposed for what it is.

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Which rag did you steal this one from?