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Veteran Advisor

Re: Sound barrier broken

Obama, Biden, and Susie Rice plotting against the incoming admin has a meeting , a date, substance, etc.

DJT watching the russian ladies p-ing on the bed , not so much.


Hope this helps. 

bruce MN

Re: Sound barrier broken

Didn’t feel bad about that at all  after Mueller roundly verified it in nearly it’s entirety. 

Senior Contributor

Re: Sound barrier broken

@sdholloway56 wrote:

I'll generously offer that it is as well substantiated as the counter-conspiracy theories.


It's extremely well documented that the fbi falsified fisa applications.  That nsa database searches were done illegally.  That the FBI tried and fail to verify the steele dossier.  That the source of the steele dossier admitted it was unverified.     That loads of Obama era officials testified under oath that they had no evidence of trump/russia collusion.  

Senior Advisor

Re: Sound barrier broken

And it is well documented that Russia worked on behalf of Trump's election and as well documented as the things you reference that Flynn, Stone, probably others communicated with Russian sources. Stone was convicted, Flynn dodged five charges (not all Russia related) by pleading out on a lesser one then waiting for a period of enough distraction for Beria to try to make it go away.

Gates pled guilty, Manafort was convicted.

Papadopoulis and Page probably just among the legion of amateurs looking to score. The administration is now made up of a legion of amateurs waiting to score and a few hardened criminals.