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The One has spoken.


President Barack Obama on Friday set the terms of Washington's limited involvement in Libya's crisis to protecting civilians but stopping short of ousting embattled leader Muammar Gaddafi.

Shortly after Obama spoke, U.S. officials said Gaddafi's forces continued to advance toward the eastern rebel stronghold of Benghazi, violating the U.N. demand for a ceasefire.

Obama, delivering an ultimatum to Gaddafi, said the United States would work with its partners to enforce U.N. demands for a ceasefire but promised no U.S. ground troops would be deployed in the oil-producing North African country.

Although Obama has called on Gaddafi to leave, he stressed the United States would not use its power beyond a well-defined goal: "specifically the protection of civilians in Libya."



Now there is a well defined war plan.

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Senior Advisor

Re: The One has spoken.

Yes it is well defined. It tells the Arab world that the US will not engage in a war of conquest. Instead, we are focused on protecting the masses  from a tyranical government.

I know you dearly miss Bush the blowhard but sometimes it simply pays not to engage in belligerent rhetoric.

Senior Advisor

Re: The One has spoken.

And if they surround their tanks and troops with civilians, then what? BTW, what country did we claim.


Re: The One has spoken.

I think I smell a lot of people who didn't think we should fight oil wars suddenly interested in fighting oil wars. I'm sure we'll soon be declaring a no fly zone in Bahrain. LOL. On a different note the fed interview the other day to keep the yen from rising, did that help or hurt the American people. Is that even a consideration.