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as I've been lamenting, the quality of conspiracy theories has declined precipitously in recent years.

An oldie but goodie was the PPT, or Plunge Protection Team also known as the Working Group on Markets, created by the Reagan Administration by executive order in 1987 after the crash to intervene should national security be threatened by a financial accident.

Anyway, the conspiracy thing was that anti-Clintonites alleged that the Dot Com bull was because his folks were intervening in markets to help his popularity. There's no evidence to support that but also conspiracy debunkers went so far as to say that the thing didn't exist even though the EO clearly remained in force.

It is probably a fair assumption that the PPT was employed after letting the re-opened markets fall for a couple days after re-opening after 9-11 and I don't think anyone would complain about that- it is exactly what it was designed to do.

Sec. Paulson threatened the shorts in 2008 with the PPT and whether he ever employed it or not he got run over anyway.

Anyhoo- a couple of nice last half hour Friday rallies in the market the past two weeks.

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Re: The PPT

There’s always those 2 29T Platinum coins.

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Re: The PPT

Anonymous sources report Putin stepped in buying to save Trump.