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Senior Advisor

The Premonition on the CDC

says the CDC is the foremost institution in the world if you want to know what happened. The problem is that it operates like an academic institution- you study a problem, write a paper on it and get it published. That's the end of it- not their problem to do anything with the findings. Nor was it anybody else's.

After the germinal group in DHS was disbanded, there was no one with broad responsibilities for a pandemic response- the only people with actual legal authority were local health departments and that varies wildly depending on state law, level of competence, local politics etc.

And, of course once the GQP got what it wanted- a double barreled nuke blast from the Fed and Congress to prop up the economy, FOX kicked off the effort to undermine the states' efforts the next day. 

Let the genocide begin!

While the thinking that it would mostly kill Democrats or suppress their votes was somewhat mistaken, it still almost worked.