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Re: The President on Forest Management

I hate how the forests are turning out these days. All the trees are either being cut down, burnt off, or getting sick because of the pollutions in our environment. It's sickening to think that there's a possibility that we can live in a world with no forests one day. If it doesn't happen for our generation, it certainly will for all of the future once. Hell, without forests and green life, we would go extinct as a whole species! I'm saying this as a park ranger who has been working in the woods for all of his life. You can read more about all of this here

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Re: The President on Forest Management

When the final biological weapon is released and 80% of the world is exterminated, it won’t matter very much. 💀

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Re: The President on Forest Management

I’m still alive Millie, you lying Bàstàrd.   Add STILL picking out my own produce at the grocery, and STILL wearing my mask and ensure when I go out in public, I sanitize my hands.  And, I plan to be alive at the end of this pandemic, which is nothing but a little flu.   Sure it is….