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The Southern Border

The Southern border immigration & covid disaster.

Hypocrats since senile joe was elected:   lalalalalala

Hypocrats today:   lalalalalala


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Re: What would you have them do, shoot them?

Quote:  The Department of Homeland Security will begin deporting planes full of Haitian migrants as soon as Sunday to discourage more border-crossers from streaming into a camp in South Texas.  " ...Families with children will be subject to expulsion, a point that had been contested in court earlier this week."

  Looks like all most of them will get is a free plane ride home for all their trouble.

  I know, I know, the trump administration would have just shot them and dumped them in the river, which is what really wanted, didn't you?

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Re: The Southern Border

Yesterday we witnessed on our nation’s capitol grounds a sorry collection of low comedy buffoons, professional ne’er do wells, and masquerading Nimrods...then, there were also those eighty or so (sans FBI undercover agents and paid informants) J6 protesters in attendance.

Meanwhile, and for the past eight months, our southern border has steamed from an invading army of 1.2 million (and still counting) illegal, uninvited, unvaccinated, and unvetted aliens...not that anyone in Washington DC or in our MSM cares, of course.

[File under: Who do you trust today?]

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Re: What would you have them do, shoot them?

Hummmm. So * is going to start the flights one week after he ended them. Where's heelsup the border czar?